Monday, January 16, 2012

Jaycoby Quotes

Spring 2011
J: Just crossing my legs, because that's what boys do when they play Wii, and Xbox and Nintendo DS's.

While playing Wii…
J: You’re going down, CatWoman. I was talking to the Wii, not you mom.
I don’t usually go by that nickname, so I thought it was funny that he thought he needed to clarify.

J: Mom, you need to get dressed to take me to school.
Me: I thought I would take you like this.
J: UH, WHAT? Mom, people would think you were like....gross.

Me: "Consequences aren't supposed to be fun."
J: "NEVER? I really thought you would give me a fun consequence one time."

J: Sometimes my dad laughs when I get hurt and I just say ' don't laugh when I get hurt. Only laugh at America's Funniest Videos'. Lol

At nap time…
J: Mom, can I have ice water.
Me: No, it is just time for you to go to sleep.
J: Well then that means you don’t want me to be healfy because you won’t let me have water.
Me: Go to sleep now!

Me: Buddy, you got a stain on your brand new shirt.
J: Well, mom, don’t you have some like Oxiclean stain fighter that will remove the stain with one squirt?
Me: I might have something like that.
J: It is the only thing that will work. It will!

Fall/Winter 2011
Me: you had a sleepover with that friend a long, long time ago.
J: was it in the 90's?

Me: SpongeBob loves to work. Are you going to be like him?
Jaycoby: No.

Jaycoby: Mom, I really want to marry Ella. She is so cute and perfect.
And then we had the discussion about why we can't marry our sister.....AGAIN.

Set down Jaycoby's dinner plate and he says "is this my appetizer or my dinner?".
I didn't realize I had to do multiple courses.

After tossing a toy to Ella…
J: Here you go, Sport. Get your game face on.

Jaycoby’s friend: Why is your baby crying?
J: Because she is sad and she wants my mom.
Friend: That is kind of funny.
J: No, it isn’t funny. It makes me sad when she cries.

J: Do I have to go to school today?
Me: Yes
J: Well, I'm sick.
Me: Well then you are too sick to go trick or treating.
J: Okay, I'm not sick. I'm not sick at all.

J: Mom, what can I have to drink? You know what? Surprise me.

Taking down some Halloween decorations that had been hanging from the ceiling in your room:
J: Bye bye creepy Halloween things. You really did scare me sometimes.

Literally two seconds after swallowing his last bite of breakfast, Jaycoby looks at me and says: "What's for lunch, mom?".

I walked into the bathroom and Jaycoby says: “You better get outta here. It smells gross.”

J: Can I have another glass of milk?
Me: Are you serious? A third glass?
J: I’ll be healthy. I’ll be healthier than Tim-buk-too.

J: Mom, can I have......strawberries?
It was December. Sorry kiddo. Wrong time of year.

J: When I'm older, can you have another baby and give Ella to me?
Mike: When you're older, Ella will be older too.
J: Well, she'll still be cute.

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He always makes me laugh out loud when I read these!