Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Tooth Fairy came!

I need to preface this story by explaining that I had a VERY tired 5-year old on my hands. He was trying to recover from an action-packed week at dad's house, with no naps, and a late night at the Portland Zoo lights. See those dark circles under his eyes?

This is not a picture of a well-rested child.

Jaycoby was just finishing up his lunch and I heard him say, I think my tooth is going to come out. He came around the corner and I could see that he was tugging on his tooth. I asked to take a look and sure was ready! I gave it my best shot (even though I swore this was the grossest thing ever), but I've been cursed with chubby fingers and long nails. I couldn't get a good grip and couldn't pull the tooth out. So, I grabbed my camera and told Jaycoby to give it another try. Watch what happened:

From here, I spent another twenty minutes with a panicked child. He was seriously beside himself. He swore he would never go to school again, because his friends would think he looked weird. He sobbed "I look weird!" over and over. He also said he wouldn't open his mouth again until his new tooth came in. And then he suggested using super glue to put his tooth back in.

Here is a video of me trying to talk Jaycoby off the ledge. It is over five minutes long, but you can see how upset he was. My favorite part is when I ask him if he thought it would be cool when his tooth came out and he said "well it's not".

By later that evening, Jaycoby was over the shock and embarassment; he'd had a nap and recovered. The next day, he was excited to go to school to show his teacher and his friends. He even said, "I thought for a minute that my tooth looked weird, well, now it is cool".

Sleeping boy...

Tooth retrieval...

Dollar delivery...

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Meg said...

Poor guy. I'm so glad he is all recovered from thinking he looked weird! He seems pretty proud of it now. :)