Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ella- 18 months old

*She can pull to stand and sit back down. She has been pulling to stand since Thanksgiving, but she couldn't get herself back down. Just this past weekend, she got the confidence to try it after she pulled herself up on the ottoman.
*She does this downward dog/bear crawl thing as she cruises around the room. When she pops up into this push-up-like position, Mike will peek between her legs and say "boo". She loves that game with daddy.
*She will go to a tall kneel and reach up when she wants someone to pick her up. This requires more balance than she has had in the past. It seems like such a small thing to many, but it was a big deal that she finally figured this out.
*She is pointing at things now.
*She is attempting to be more vocal. She will say “bro bro”, “daddy” and “hi” on command (or when she feels like it).
*She had her first Happy Meal. We normally just share off of our plates when we go out, but Grammie and Grandpa got Ella her very own Happy Meal, along with the rest of her older cousins. *She finally has enough hair for some styling. She had her first French braids this past month. Anyone who knows me understands that this is a big deal. And, yes, she will sit there and let me do it. Some days it requires a good cartoon or Jaycoby singing her a song, but she is getting used to it.
*She can point to her nose and tongue, but mostly points to her tongue when you tell her to point out any body part.
*She makes a smacking noise with her mouth when she sees food or drink that she wants. And she also smacks her mouth a lot when she is eating. Horrible table manners, I know, but it is kind of funny (for now).
*We have a sensor nightlight in the hallway and she cannot crawl past it without pulling it out of the socket. She has been told “no” several times and has had her hand flicked over and over. She still pulls that darn light out of the socket.
*When we tell her “no no”, she gets mad and cries hard, but it doesn’t stop her. She will just do the “no no” all over again.
*She is finally becoming more familiar with the animal noises. She doesn’t imitate any of them at this point, but she laughs when we make the animal sounds. The “piggy” is her favorite and she will point to her noise when we say “oink oink”. Often times, I push her nose up like a piggy and she loves it.
*She no longer gives open-mouth kisses. That sounds like a good thing, right? But it’s kind of a sad thing for us. Those open-mouth kisses were sometimes slobbery (and awkward for extended family members and friends), but we loved them.
*She loves to crawl under the dining room table and usually gets stuck. She loves the challenge of trying to squeeze through the legs of the table and chairs, but she ends up in tears and finds it’s harder to get out than it is to get in.

Stuck under the table.

Downward dog/bear crawl move.

She loves to play in the water. This was her first time at the Kroc Center since she has started crawling and she had so much fun exploring.

First ride at Chuck E. Cheese. She cried.

Fabulous French braids.

Video: The first day she was saying "bro bro"

Video: Ella doing downward dog.

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Jenni K. said...

What a sweetheart!! :) Thanks for the updates. I miss her so much.