Monday, January 16, 2012

Ella- 19 months old

*Words: Mama, Mommy, Ma-me (Grammie), Bapa (Grandpa), Dada, Buh-bye, hi-eeeee, May-may (Meghan), Day-day (Diego), Woo woo (what a doggy says), Ya Ya (Ella), Baby, Yaya or Nana (Banana).
*Taking some steps with a lot of encouragement. Still not showing any desire to be walking on her own, but she is doing a lot of cruising around the furniture right now, which is great. She loves to walk with her fire truck toy!
*She loves to laugh with her Bro Bro!
*Tooth tally: twelve
*She isn’t too interested in eating vegetables, unless they are in baby food form. When I give her fresh, or cooked, veggies she just throws them on the floor. Awesome!
*She is finally drinking out of the sippy cup on a more regular basis. It is still so much easier to give her a bottle, because she can drink six ounces in less than a minute. She just isn’t as quick with the sippy cup and refuses is quite often, but she will take it if she is thirsty enough. Now we give her a bottle in the morning and before bedtime. Oh, and she definitely loves our soda. We have to keep her away from it or she will chug it down.

OSU Cheerleader

PT is hard work.

Texting and driving? She's trouble.

Bro Bro likes to help give you a bottle at bed time, even though you can do this all by yourself.

This is where I found her when Jaycoby was gone to school: sitting in a corner just staring at his picture. She kept hugging and kissing the picture.

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