Monday, January 16, 2012

Jaycoby is 6!

Here are some things we remember about you from the last year:
*When you try to talk back, I always make you say “Yes, Mom. I love you, Mom. You’re the best, Mom”. You always laugh when you are saying it.
*Your favorite cartoons are Beyblades, Sponge Bob and Scooby Doo. But NOTHING on Sprout or Nick Jr. You are way too mature for that nonsense now. And your all-time favorite T.V. show is Mythbusters. We have this set to record on the DVR and you watch a couple of episodes every morning before school. You prefer this to any of the cartoon shows. You also like watching shows on the Food Network with mom and Mike. Your favorites are Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss. Your favorite shows to watch with Mike are Gun Smoke, Pawn Stars and Gold Rush.
*You are a gamer through and through. Your favorite games this year have been Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. (all of the different games), Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, UNO, Monopoly (even though you have a hard time convincing any of us to play it with you), Mario Kart 7, Sonic and the Just Dance games.
*You have definitely developed more of a will and a personality this year, but we are constantly told how “sweet” and “polite” you are. You are such a good boy and you are definitely worried about doing the right thing. It has been really important to you that you have never had to miss recess for being naughty and you remind us often that you listen to your teacher in class. You also tell us when the whole class has to put their heads down, because Mrs. Dacar was displeased with everyone’s behavior. We love it that you still feel the need to report your behavior to us and you don’t hide it if you are naughty. Whenever I ask you if you did something naughty you always fess up quickly and apologize. Occasionally you will insist on putting yourself in time out, if mommy gets upset, even if mommy doesn’t think you need a time out. You aren’t perfect, but you make it really easy to handle the situation and move on. You do not like disappointing us and will cry and say you are sorry. You just want to get it over with, so you can hug us and tell us how much you love us. If you do get in trouble, it usually ends with us laughing with you (or at you, because you say the silliest things when you are upset). But your classic phrase, when I ask you about anything is “am I going to get in trouble?”. You never just answer us right away.
*You are such a loving and sweet older brother. Almost every day, you will kiss Ella on your way out of the car when we drop you off for school. And you make sure to kiss her again when we pick you up. You talk in a high-pitched tone when you speak to Ella and you are always so concerned about her well-being. You also love to make her laugh and she is the perfect audience for your silly tricks. She loves to laugh at you and with you. She also likes to “attack your face”. Whenever you get in her face to give her kisses, she reaches out and grabs your cheeks are swats her hands at you. You never give up though. You are always right back in there, saying “ouch” and loving on her even if she doesn’t want you to. You have also been Ella’s biggest cheerleader at her physical therapy appointments. You sit on the sidelines, playing Angry Birds on my cell phone, and will randomly shout out “Ella you are doing so good”, “Ella I’m so proud of you” and “you are such a good girl”.
*When we ask you a question, you will make the sound of the first letter of your response and make us guess what you are trying to say. For example:
Mike: How was school today?
You: G-g-g-g-g
Mike: Good?
You: Yep.
Me: What do you want for dinner? Pizza or spaghetti?
You: Puh- puh-puh puh
Me: Pizza?
You: Uh-huh
*You like to “smell like a man” and use Mike’s Old Spice body wash and deodorant. Mommy acts like this is a big deal and that she wants you to smell like her “little kid” and not a man. You think this is hilarious and will try to sneak the body wash when you think I’m not paying attention.
*You have a stack of five blankets that we have to place on you every time you go to bed. The order that they are put in is VERY important and it changes every time. If mom or Mike picks the order, you say that you can’t go to sleep. You have a silky blanket (this one is always first and always silky-side down), sports blanket, truck blanket, Thomas the train blanket and a red, fluffy blanket. When we go in to check on you, after you’ve gone to sleep, you are usually on top of all of your covers.
*You still bounce your legs uncontrollably when you are playing Wii, excited about anything or when you are "patiently" waiting for something.
*You talk A LOT!!! I don’t know where you get it . Even Grammie made a comment after a recent outing to the mall with you. She nicely said, “man, he chatted from the second we left until the second we were done”. Mom has to tell you to just be quiet sometimes and you have said “I just want to talk to my friends, because that is what friends do”. Cute. Really cute. But you are still told to be quiet.
*You LOVE it when Ella has no socks on and only wearing a white onesie. I’m not sure why, but you regularly request that I have her wear only a onesies with no socks. You also ask regularly say this: “Can I take of her socks? I haven’t seen her tootsies all day.” To you, this is how she is the cutest.
*Words you still say incorrectly: Prentzel (pretzel), renember (remember), emenies (enemies), buzzonya (lasagna), barveque (bbq), moisters (oysters).
*Your favorite songs this year were: Taoi Cruz “Dynamite”, Awolnation “Sail”, Kesha “Tik Tok”, Chris Brown “Forever”, CeLo Green “Forget You”, Katy Perry “California Girls”, LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”, Jessie J "Price Tag".
*You are still a very healthy eater. You love your fruits (apples, oranges and bananas are the regulars) and vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, celery, any color pepper- as long as none of these are cooked). Just this past weekend, after all of your birthday parties, Mike made up a bowl of ice cream for your dessert after dinner. You turned it away and said “I’ve had enough sweets for today”. Mommy wishes she had that kind of good sense sometimes.
*You told me that if you had your own baby boy, you would name him “Chester”. If you had your own baby girl, you would name her “Migeah” (mih-gay-uh). Interesting choices.
*You are a great sleeper! You still take naps most days. You usually nap for an hour and a half, but will sometimes sleep longer than two hours. Your bedtime is 8:00 p.m., but sometimes you stay up until 8:30 if you have had a nap. You wake up around 6:45, when Mike gets in the shower for work. On the weekends, you sleep until 7 or 7:30.
*You absolutely HATE to play by yourself. When mom needs a break from all of your different games that you are constantly wanting to play, I will send you back to your room. I honestly think you would choose a spanking over this. You will come up with ANY excuse not to have to play in your room by yourself. You will offer to cuddle with mom or you will go and get disinfectant wipes and start cleaning “just to help mom out”. You are usually okay with playing in your room, if I say that Ella can be in there with you, but this doesn’t always help. It takes you about thirty minutes until you get into a groove with your toys and then you can play really well. *You saved up your money, all year long, and you bought your own 3DS. This was something that you asked for Christmas 2010, but we just didn’t think you were old enough to operate it yet. So mom, Mike and dad agreed that we would help you earn the money to buy one for yourself. It took a whole year, but you earned enough to buy it yourself and you are so proud of it. You should be because you worked hard for it!
*As I sat here typing this, you came up and hugged me and told me you love me TWICE. Oh, make that three times. That is what I love most about you :).

You thought it would be funny to put Ella's diaper on your head.

Silly string fight with Mike. You <3 silly string!

Easter 2011 with your cousins (or as you call them, your "friends"...both are true).

You had fun doing gymnastics for a few months. Your favorite was the trampoline.

You were screaming the whole time I was watching you. The water was so cold, but you were determined to go in.

You in front of Old Faithful. You had so much fun on our trip to Yellowstone and Colorado. Water World was your favorite part and you keep asking when we get to go back.

You love to go bike riding to the local parks in the summer. You would ride on the tag-a-long, behind Mike, and always wanted to race mom and Ella.

Every night, mom and Mike would check on you. We find you in some funny positions, but this particular one was sweet.

Batman & Batgirl. You were excited to have Ella matching you.

This was your second season on the slopes. You really love to ski!

You are such a sweet and loving, older brother! When you saw this picture, you asked me "is that when we first got the baby buns?".

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Meghan Diaz said...

I really can't believe J is 6 already! I have really loved being a part of his life and watching him grow! I love that he will play with Diego, despite their two year age difference and is always encouraging and polite. J is a great role model for Diego, I love that they get along so well. :)