Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jaycoby's future wife

I had a heart-to-heart with Jaycoby today. It was too precious not to share:

Me: Have you ever had a girlfriend?
J: No. When I'm older, like you, I will have 900. But I don't have them now when I'm at preschool, mom (shaking his head).

Me: What do you want your wife to be like?
J: Always thankful, buying me presents and cooks me dinner. (He later repeated all three of these things to me again at the end of the conversation, so they are REALLY important).

Me: When will you get married?
J: 66 or 28. Or 28-6. Ya, maybe 26 is good.

Me: Who will you marry?
J: Someone unmarried.

Me: Do you want to marry someone who is younger, older or your age?
J: Someone my age.

Me: What do you want your wife to look like?
J: Pretty. Same hair color as me, same skin, same eyes like mine. I want her to have the same nose and feet as me.

Me: Anything else?
J: I want her to have a pretty ring.

Me: Are you going to buy her a pretty ring?
J: She can buy it.

Me: Do you want her to be tall or short?
J: I don't care how big she is.

No matter who he ends up with, one thing is for sure....they are the luckiest person EVER! He is quite the catch, if you ask me.


Rachel said...

He's so funny!! Don't worry Mom, you'll always be his 1st love!!!

Gaby said...

haha!! You will have to talk him into buying her engagement ring one day, lol. He's funny.