Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Our pumpking carving tradition is as follows:
1. Mike cleans the pumpkins and carves out the top.
2. Jaycoby cleans all of the seeds out.
3. Mom draws faces on the pumpkins (after Jaycoby shows me which expression to draw by making the face himself)
4. Mike carves out the faces
5. The boys take the pumpkins out to the front porch and do a "lighting ceremony" for mom.
(My other job is to be the photographer, of course)

You will notice in these photos that Jaycoby slowly lost one piece of clothing at a time. This was a "messy job" (he kept saying).

Jaycoby wanted to go and wash his hands after the first handful of goo. That's my boy! Lol
(Fully clothed)

Mike carving out faces and Jaycoby taking out the seeds.
(Lost his shirt)

He figured it would just be easier this way.

Happy pumpkin cleaner!

Jaycoby with all of our pumpkins (after his bath): Ella, Jaycoby (with a square nose), mom and Mike.

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Rachel said...

Was he naked???? Please tell me he was naked!!! I so have that child!!! I love it!!!