Sunday, October 17, 2010

All banged up

Poor Jaycoby has had a really rough weekend.

It started out with a trip and fall at the Gilbert House play structure. We had gone through the mega-structure twice together. He was picking the hardest ways to get around, because it made it more difficult for me to keep up (keep in mind that Ella was strapped to my chest in the front pack). He was giggling the whole time, because he thought it was hilarious that I was struggling. It's not easy climbing up ladders with a baby strapped to your chest! I had had enough, so I sent him in for a third trip on his own just before we left. I was walking around the perimeter of the play structure, trying to keep an eye on him, when I saw him trip on the steps. Then I heard a cry. It wasn't a scream, or the type of cry that indicates an injury, but my mothers intuition told me otherwise. As he stood at the top of the play structure crying, I was shouting up the long, tubey slide for him to come down so I could check it out. I could hear him coming down the slide, slowly, and crying the whole time. As he got to the bottom, I was horrified by the bloody little boy that emerged. His face and hands were covered with thick, bright, red blood. I have never seen this kind of blood on my child before, so it totally freaked me out. I grabbed his arm and quickly escorted him to the bathroom. (I'd just like to mention that NO ONE offered to help me as we walked all the way to the bathroom. I obviously had my hands full. And we passed several adults.)
I was so proud of Jaycoby for remaining so calm, even after seeing all of the blood all over his face and hands in the bathroom mirror. He was still crying, and pretty scared, but he didn't panic. When I wiped up the blood, there was actually just a very tiny cut by his mouth. As far as I could tell, his teeth were all in their place, so I was totally relieved. Through his sobs he said, "now I can't chew gum". I needed a laugh right then, because I was on the verge of tears. I reassured him that he would be able to chew gum once the soreness was gone and that made him stop crying.

I told him I needed to send Mike a pic to see if I should take him to the doctor. That is why he is crying in this picture.

Over the weekend, Jaycoby's lip got pretty swollen. After a trip to the doctor with his dad, they confirmed that his tooth had gone through his lip. He still has a little bit of swelling and has an adorable crooked smile.

Photo taken on Saturday after it got swollen.

THEN, after Jaycoby got back from his dad's house, we decided to play an innocent game of baseball in the front yard. This game ended with Jaycoby accidentally getting hit in the cheek with the plastic baseball. He now has a welt under his eye. Our poor boy has had better days!

With a rosey cheek :-(


Meghan said...

Ohhhh, his tooth went thru his lip? Poor lil guy!

Rachel said...

Oh no! Of course his tooth went thru his lip! That poor kid. Except he's going to have a cute little scar from the play structure at the Gilbert House...he'll get to show it off and every single kid he grows up with will totally get how dangerous that play structure really is!!!
I'm so sorry it was so bad. I would have done the exact same thing!
Oh, and then getting hit in the face with a baseball...only gets better if school pictures are the next day!