Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ella- 4 months old

Another month has gone by and Ella's personality and beauty is growing by the day. Here is the last month in a nutshell:
*She likes to pull her shirt up and put it in her mouth. Not very lady-like, if you ask me.
*She is awake a lot more and does not enjoy when this time has to be spent in the car. We’ve learned this isn’t because she hates her car seat, like we’d originally thought. She cries and hollers because there is no one for her to look at or talk to. In our minivan, the kids are spaced far enough apart that she cannot see Jaycoby, so he cannot comfort her. She is getting to where she will talk and try to calm herself during these periods of awake time, but it usually ends with her crying her little eyes out. She will stop instantly when we get her out and she can finally see us and talk to us.
*She’s a talker (I don’t know where she gets it?)!!! One of our favorite things to do is to lay next to Ella and listen to her talk about her day. She will lay on the ground and “play” for a really long time, but the second mommy or daddy lays down beside her she starts the jibber jabber. Once we are in sight, she coos and “talks” constantly.
*She plays with her hands and watches them move. She really follows them and will even fold her hands. She’s getting really close to being able to hold stuff.
*She blows spit bubbles a lot. There have been days that I've been tempted to have her wear a bib, so I didn't have to keep wiping up the slobber.
*She has tears when she cries. It breaks my heart to see tears well up in her little eyes.
*No more baby acne! She didn’t have a lot, but there were a few little whiteheads that clung to her precious little cheeks since birth. They have all disappeared now. Those of you who know me well, know how hard it was for me to resist popping those little buggers.
* She is no longer sleeping through the night. She usually wakes up between 2-4 a.m. to eat once and then around 6:30-8 a.m.
*She is moving. She rocks on to her side a lot and can scoot a bit when she kicks her legs. She moves a lot when I lay her on the ground to play and will sometimes turn a bit in her crib. That is weird.
* She has started to yell. This is not a cry, and it is not in anger, but she has simply figured out a louder way of getting my attention. It's pretty funny in the day time and completely startling when I'm asleep.
*She is a cuddler. She wants you to stand, so she can cuddle into your chest. She will stay awake like this for a while. It seems to be her "happy spot". She likes to sleep this way too.
*She got her first cold. She had a runny nose and rattly chest. And ever since then, she has a funny growling trick. She uses the rattle in her chest, and the mucus in her nose, to make this purring/growling noise (she's doing it right now, in fact). It's pretty funny.

Play time with big brother.

Jaycoby likes to feed her the bottle sometimes. She usually takes one bottle a day, before bed time, but this was a special week when mommy had to pump. Jaycoby was so excited to help out.

He even burped her.

Watching Baby Einstein for the first time. She was totally uninterested. Can you tell? Blink Ella! Blink!

The kids watching Baby Einsteing together.

She's not always happy, but she is always cute!

Mom, this is not a good time for me!

Playdate with Logan.

Chillin' at the pumpkin patch in the front pack.

Happy after bath time.


Rachel said...

Wow...I can't believe it's been 4 months. She's such a pretty baby.
And Reed was a cryer in the car too...they eventually grow out of it, but it's so hard when they are so little and cry.

AZChelsea said...

oh my gosh, the picture of Jacoby feeding Ella on the couch is SO precious! Ella is just cute as can be.