Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parents Night @ AWANA

Jaycoby is doing his first year of AWANA. Isn't he the cutest little Cubby you've ever seen?

Last night was Parent's Night, so Mike, Jonny and I tagged along for the evening. Jaycoby felt extra special, because he was the only kid with multiple parents. All of the other kids only had one parent....he had THREE :-) First we had story time, then game time and also workbook time. It was so funny watching Jaycoby proudly march around and make sure we participated in every little thing.

Highlight of the night:
At the end of story time, Jaycoby's teacher asked the kids if they knew of any ways that we can help God. A couple of kids raised their hands and answered. Their answers were all adorable and appropriate....Then Jaycoby raised his hand. (I'd like to point out that prior to this question, there were probably two or three other opportunities for Jaycoby to raise his hand to either answer a question or quote a verse. He didn't raise his hand once. I was thinking "Oh, he's just like me. He won't raise his hand, because he is afraid he will give the wrong answer."- I would never raise my hand in class out of fear of giving the wrong answer. I was just assuming my child was the same.)
He said, "I could help God by giving him ice cream." (then he turns around to his "ready-to-be-proud parents" with this big cheeky grin).
Teacher: ""How about you could help God by serving ice cream to your mom and dad?"
Jaycoby: (while giggling) "No. I will shoot it up in the sky with a sling shot."
Teacher: "I don't think that will work. It's too high."
Mike turns to me, "Oh no, we have 'that' kid". Hahaha! It was pretty funny, and the slingshot idea was creative, but I can hear the parent-teacher conferences already :)

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