Thursday, October 14, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Jaycoby has started back up with his swimming lessons for the fall. We discussed doing soccer, gymnastics and karate, but swimming is one thing that Jaycoby is consistently passionate about. We were hesitant about investing in uniforms or gear for something that he might not stick with. We know those days are ahead of us, but we will put them off as long as possible.

Jaycoby is great about putting his whole face in the water and blowing bubbles (he was peeking at the camera here, but he really does great putting his whole face in).

He was the first one to class, so he had both teachers watching him do his five bobs. They were VERY dramatic bobs. Does that surprise you?

He would go way under the water and blows out all of his bubbles. It amazes me (and I think it scares the teachers) how long that kid will stay under water.

The one thing he doesn't like to do is swim on his back, because the water fills up his ears. I can't blame the kid. I hate that feeling too. In this picture, his teacher was trying to convince him to trust her and lay back.

It worked! This is the first time he has done this. You can tell his arms are bent and stiff, but he is doing it.

Free time!

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