Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chubba Chubba Thighs

Maybe it's a crazy mommy thing, but I love Ella's little thigh rolls. Jaycoby didn't have any chub rolls as a baby, so I never understood what the fuss was all about. Every month her little thighs seem to plump up a little more. I apologize for the uncensored pictures, but they are just too cute not to share.

I LOVE her expression in this picture. It was totally random, of course, but it looks like she's saying "MOM! I'm naked. No pictures!"

Much better. She looks so sweet in this picture.

Always happy after bath time. This is when she usually pees on the changing table .


Rachel said...

You'd never guess all those little rolls are under there!!!! She's so adorable...it makes me miss my sweet Sawyer when she was a baby. I love the pics!

Neil, Kelsey, and Elliott Cantrall said...

I'm totally digging the baby thighs right now too! I wish the diaper and clothes didn't have to cover them up for 95% of the day! :)

Meghan said...

OK those are the cutest rolls EVER! Baby rolls are the best! Her eyes just light up when she smiles, its absolutely adorable. I'm still working on getting her to giggle for me!