Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Second year of Preschool has begun!

Jaycoby was so excited for school this morning. He kept asking when it was time to leave and then finally ignored me and went out to wait in the van....for twenty minutes. He would occasionally shout: "Excuse me, mom. We better get going." I just used Ella as my stall tactic. First I said I had to make sure her diaper was okay and then I had to take five minutes putting her in the car seat. Ella had been ready to go for a while, but he didn't know that.

Ready to go with his "perfect hair" (his words, not mine).

Starting to get silly.

His classic silly face for the camera.

Yup, that's my kid. Jealous? :)

Looking for his new cubby spot.

Going over for table time. You can tell he is a little nervous by the way he is grabbing his pant leg.

Getting suited up for table time.

A perfect little angel. I'm sure he is this still and quiet the whole time we are gone. :-)


Rachel said...

I put my children thru the same "torture" before every major event too. Looks like he's quite the pro at posing!
And can I tell you that I love when I can capture those moments, when Jaycoby is grabbing his shorts. Those are the best pics!

Meghan said...

J has to be one of the funniest kids I know. His backpack is so big he looks like he could be tipped over. I'm so glad he was excited this year.