Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heiser Farm

So excited to go to the pumpkin patch.

On the tractor ride to get our pumpkins.

We said "Oh no, Jonathan died" and Jaycoby thought that was sad. He agreed to pose for a silly picture next to the grave. He thought it was funny (sorry Jonny).

Searching for the perfect pumpkins.

"I like this one!"

Pretending to eat his pet worm (that he had for 30 seconds). He named it "Fuzzy".

Perfect pumpkins.

Ella's first ride on a train.

Enjoying the "traim" ride.

This moment was huge. Every year, Jaycoby creeps closer to this skeleton that he loves and fears. Normally, they have a speaker on that makes it seem like the skeleton is talking. The skeleton was always saying things like "welcome to Heiser's" and giving directions about where to find things at the farm. He's not meant to be a scary skeleton. BUT, to a toddler, he was a pretty creepy fella. It definitely helped that the skeleton wasn't talking this year, or else I do not think Jaycoby would have sat next to him. He was so excited to touch him and see that there really isn't anything to be afraid of.

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Rachel said...

I love October! Pumpkin patches in Oregon are the best. I love that he's so brave now!