Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ella's first trail run

I did my first 5k since having Ella and it felt really good. The sun was hot and the trails were bumpy (REALLY bumpy), but Ella was quiet through the whole thing. My goal was to jog the whole race, but I had to walk about a quarter mile of it, because there were parts that were just too rocky, rugged or hilly to jog. Still, the course was nice and I would definitely run it again (without a stroller).
Funny little story: One of the gravelly hills was so steep that I asked the girl behind me for help. She obviously didn't hear me (she had her earphones in), because she just smiled and said "Aw, I feel bad for you" as she trotted on by. I just had to laugh to myself. I slipped a little, but was able to make it okay.

Picture of Tiffany, Ella and me before the race.
*Tiffany graduated from Gervais High School, so we competed against each other in several sports. We also played club volleyball together during our junior year. We recently got reconnected through facebook and Jaycoby has become fast friends with her son's Riley and Aiden.

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Rachel said...

I am always amazed by how motivated you are!! Good Job!