Friday, August 13, 2010

2 months old

Even though tomorrow is Ella's official two month birthday, I am posting today because I have the time.
We are still in the newborn phase of parenting, where we just roll with whatever little Ella decides to do. When it comes to sleeping, eating and crying, we just deal with it all in the moment. Thankfully, Ella is proving to be a very low-maintenance baby.
*has mastered getting her pacifier out of her mouth (really, she has been able to do this since the hospital, but now she is really good at it)
*loves her bath time every morning.
*sleeps most of the day still, but regularly has an awake time in the morning and late evening for about an hour or two. She is always happy and content for a good 30-45 minutes during this time.
*loves to lay on her play mat when she is awake and will squeal and talk to us.
*slept through the night for the first time (last night), but has gotten down to only one feeding on a regular basis (yeah for mommy getting more sleep).
*is really laid back as far as we can tell. She will wake up and go back to sleep several times before demanding to eat. She really only cries when she is hungry or has gas.
*is nursing really well. She regularly goes for six hours after her morning feeding. She basically eats when we do, which isn't typical for a newborn. She averages 4-6 feedings a day.
*loves her older brother. She really appreciates Jaycoby's efforts to entertain her and easily calms down when he tries to comfort her.

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Rachel said...

What a beautiful little princess!!! And she really does look adorable in pink!