Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tulip Festival

Mike and Grandma took Jaycoby to the Tulip Festival when I was at school on Wednesday. Mike was sweet enough to take a lot of pictures, because he knows I usually blog about these types of outings. I thought it was sweet that he said "I was annoyed that I'd left the camera, because I knew you'd want pictures for your blog". Awww, what a great guy!
Here are the pics he got with his phone:

I think Jaycoby's little pose is hilarious in this pic.

"...take a little ride on my big, green tractor.."

I wouldn't doubt if this kid will need shoes that big at some point. He grows so fast!


He loved the Batman bouncy house.

Totally worn out! Mike took this pic on their way home.

Are my boys sweet, or what? Jaycoby was so excited to give me these pink tulips when I got home from class. Apparently, Mike had picked out a beautiful, purple bouquet, but Jaycoby insisted on getting mom her favorite color. He's going to be quite the catch when he gets older. He's all about the details.

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