Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30 weeks

We're in the home stretch...sort of. With ten weeks to go, we have lots to get done, but time is ticking away fast.

Still need to:
* Finish school! I have three weeks left of classes and then some tests to take care of. I'm still unsure how long it will be until I am completely done and licensed, but hopefully it's not too far off.
I'd appreciate your prayers as I approach the test-taking portion of my licensing. I have never been a great test-taker, so I obviously have some nerves about passing. Yes, a lot of this is "stuff I should already know", but that really doesn't matter. Do not underestimate my ability for a poor performance on a test.
* Get a few things for Ella's room. I know I've posted pics of our mostly complete nursery, but there are still some essential items that we need to shop for.
* Plan and organize an open house for our MOMS Club. As the Membership VP, I am responsible for teaming up with the other Salem chapters and hosting an open house for Salem moms. I am happy to do this, but it is just another thing to add to my "to do list" right now.
* Pack for the hospital. Am I a crazy planner? Yes! But it has its moments when it pays off. I have no plans for packing yet, but I will need to do it in six weeks :-). When I was pregnant with Jaycoby, I packed for the hospital a month before my due date. It was a good thing I did, because I went into labor two weeks early.
* Prepare Jaycoby for what's to come. He is SO excited to meet his little sister and I really have no worries about him adjusting to having another person around. He loves babies and is an amazing little helper, so I am really excited to watch him with Ella. Still, we do have some responsibility as parents to explain to him, as best as we can, that things will be a little different in the very near future.

We had our 30 week check up today and everything looks great. To quote the doctor: "Everything looks normal. Blood pressure is good and your weight is good, so your diet is working". Did you hear that? My DIET is working. LOL. I have gained more weight this pregnancy, without a doubt. I do not look forward to the grand total at the end. BUT, as long as the numbers keep my doctor happy, I am going to try to ignore the scale (yah right). He also said that Ella is measuring around 11 inches and her heartbeat was good and strong. All things we want to hear at this point.
I have an appointment to go back for a check up on May 4th and then I will have my 35-week ultrasound on May 18th. Ella is currently sideways, but she is still in the phase where they move around a lot. Fingers crossed, she will be head down by May 18th, or I fear my doctor will make me have a c-section (not a procedure I think fondly of). I'm really not too worried about it though. If that's how it ends up, it is out of my control. I know the Lord will carry out His plan in all of this, so I am just praying for patience and peace through this whole process.

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