Monday, March 15, 2010

"God Book" recommendation

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Our parenting time with Jaycoby doesn't allow us the opportunity to take him to church with us, so we were trying to think of other ways to implement some sort of Biblical education. We'd talked about doing Awanas this semester, but it would've been a stretch while I'm in school. We decided we might wait until the fall semester, when our schedule will be a little more flexible. Then, a couple of months ago, Mike had the great idea of ordering this book. The lessons are short and sweet and perfect for the attention span of a 4-year old (and 30-year It includes a daily verse, short lesson/explanation of the verse, one or two reflection questions and a short prayer. It only takes a couple of minutes to go through, which is perfect for settling down right before bed time.
Jaycoby has fallen in love with this time we share as a family. Each night when he goes to bed, he reminds us that it is time for, what he has named, his "God book". It has been such a blessing to both me and Mike to see Jaycoby's love for Jesus grow. He is beginning to ask some questions and will remind us of lessons he's learned throughout the day.
I asked Jaycoby what he wanted me to tell everyone about our special book and this was his response:
"It teaches us to tell God thank you for keeping us 'healfy' and I love you God on my side". Lol
We highly recommend this book to share with your little ones!

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