Monday, December 14, 2009

Mt. Hood tubing

Yesterday we took Jaycoby to Mt. Hood to go tubing. It was an early Christmas present and we were all excited to go. We went in February of this year and Jaycoby had a blast. This time, it took a little longer for him to warm up to it. Since he is a little older, his sense of fear is a little stronger. And by stronger, I mean that he cried all the way up and down the hill for about five trips. It was awesome! Yup, we were the parents dragging their screaming child up and down the tubing hill, saying "No, really, this is fun", "Oh stop crying! You are fine" and "Only three more times down the hill and then you will get hot chocolate". Everyone around us got used to it quickly and just laughed along with us. We took a few breaks in between trips up and down the hill, which were tear-filled and VERY dramatic. At one point, Jaycoby kept saying "I'm just too tired to go tubing. I need to go to sleep." He then laid his head on my shoulder and pretended to take a nap (mid-tears and snot). I wish I had it all on video. Mike and I were just laughing the whole time. If we hadn't gone earlier this year, and known that he had LOVED this in the past, I would've never made him go down that hill. But after a hot cocoa break, he got over it and decided to have fun.
This was during a huge crying episode. He was really trying to talk us out of making him go down the hill again. Poor fella :)
Hot cocoa break
Silly faces with mom
Shoulder rides with Mike are always a favorite.

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