Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Roth Update

We had our monthly check-up today and it went really well. We were pretty nervous going into it, because we had a little scare on our tubing trip this past Sunday. Long story short, on one of our runs down the hill, I got catapulted off my tube and landed right on my stomach. I had the wind knocked out of me, but we were more concerned about my landing.
In the office today, it took a moment to locate the baby's heartbeat. It felt like an eternity to me and Mike. I just kept praying that we would hear it eventually. Then, FINALLY, he found the baby's heartbeat. After listening to it for a moment, I turned to Jaycoby and said "do you hear that, buddy?". He was grinning from ear to ear, kicking his legs, and said "that is music to my ears". I couldn't have said it better myself :-). Even Dr. West, who is pretty inexcitable, giggled at Jaycoby's response.
Everything else checked out great. Baby's heart rate was good, my heart rate was good and apparently it is also good that I have gained four pounds in the last four weeks. Obviously, their idea of "good" and my idea of "good" are not one in the same, but I'll get through it. It's motivation to get out and run, since I've been pretty bad about getting myself to the gym lately. Yikes!
Also, I just want to throw out this old wives tale (no, I am not taking this seriously- just wishful thinking):
Some say that if you look at the fetal heart rate that you can predict the sex of your baby. The old saying is that above 140 is a girl and below is a boy. Our baby was beating at 160 today. Hmmmm? :-)

Upcoming appointments:
January 11th- Bloodwork at Salem Hospital. This blood test will show positive/negative results for down syndrome and/or spina bifida.
January 12th- My next monthly check-up.
January 25th @ 8:30 a.m.- Ultrasound #2- This is when we will find out the sex of the baby. So exciting!


Laura said...

It is an old wives tale, but it has been true for me twice! I might be wrong on my prediction...

McKenzie said...

I had a fall scare with Madeleine but I was 5 of 6 months along. I tripped and fell right on my stomach. But of course everything was just fine. I am glad to hear you and the little one are doing well.