Thursday, November 26, 2009


We spent our Thanksgiving at my parents house. My Grandma Reed flew out from Minnesota, so it was great having more of the family together. Michael's family wasn't able to come out (Alissa is due to have our niece, Emma, by Dec. 7), but we were able to Skype with them for a little bit, which was pretty cool. We ate A LOT of good food and did a lot of sitting around and visiting. It was low-key, but a lot of fun.
Dinner table
My mom is a dork- posing for an "action shot" in the kitchen
The apple pie I made- it was pretty, but it could've been sweeter. It was alright.

The kids busted out the Twister- there were some funny positions they ended up in. It was pretty entertaining.

Watching football- Matt, Sarah, Steven, Grandma Reed & Melinda
My grandma had me do her nails. Afterward, the kids wanted me to paint theirs too (even Brandon- we did black like a rockstar and he immediately took it off out of fear of his dad making fun of him).
Sydnie settled in for a nap on daddy's lap.

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