Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After School

My mom went with me to Jaycoby's classroom to pick him up. First words out of his mouth, "I thought Mike and my dad were going to come with you to pick me up". It was good to know that he'd appreciated mom, Mike and dad all dropping him off, but normally Grammie is a VERY big deal for Jaycoby. Today he didn't care too much (sorry Grammie). After we got past that issue, Jaycoby had to go with his teacher and finish a project he'd been working on. It was great to see him in the classroom setting, not having a major freak out.
Once we got to the car, he did say "Mom, you were gone for a really long time". Unfortunately, that little detail didn't go unnoticed. I just kept going back to how he had so much fun at school and how proud I was that he did so good while he was there.
For lunch, we headed to McDonald's. Jaycoby was shivering so badly, he could barely get a bite in. He spent most of the time cuddled up in Grammies lap, yawning and trying to get warm. He was wiped out!

Highlights of his day:
1) They had a toy snake there (black w/ orange, he says) for all of the kids to look at. He put it on his teachers shoulder and he said "Oh no!". Then the teacher put it on his shoulder and he said "Oh no!". :)
2) Snack: Pizza with a face on it.
3) He got to paint a picture of himself, which he is calling a "puppet".
4) His teacher read him a story.
Putting the finishing touches on his project.
Working with his teacher, Donny (who did a great job with Jaycoby, during the two minutes we saw).
I was trying to get a picture of the dallop of yellow paint on his forehead, which proved he had a good time. Still a great picture.

Jaycoby, Mike & Me and McD's for lunch. Mike couldn't wait to hear about his day too.
Zoned out.
He couldn't stop yawning.
When we got home, he insisted on helping by carrying in the recycling bin. I was surprised he had the energy, but he was very excited to perform this task.
Finally home, in his warmest pajamas and under all of his blankets. He just wanted to get home and warm up.

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