Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Special Edition about our "Special Addition"

Well, this isn't the best picture, since I had to take it with my cell phone, but I think you get the idea :). Yes, there is a faint second pink line. I wasn't too sure, so I had my bloodwork done and they did confirm that the results were positive for pregnancy hormones. Hurray!
We are so excited to be expecting another child and cannot wait for his/her arrival. My first ultrasound isn't until the second week of November, so I do not have an official due date yet. Our estimations tell us it will be mid-late June. We will keep you updated with details and photos as we progress through the pregnancy.
It is still really early, but we were too excited not to share the wonderful news with everyone. Please remember our little one in your prayers!

Answers to the most frequent questions we've had:
1) Have I been sick?
No. I am only five weeks in, but thankfully, I have felt no different. I was lucky with my first pregnancy, so I'm hoping it is the same second time around.
2) Do I have a feeling if it is a boy or a girl?
I just know what I would like it to be....a girl :). But we'll be happy with whatever the Lord gives us. I figure, I have lots of boy clothes, so it will be exciting either way.
3) Is Jaycoby excited?
He has given us mixed reviews, but he has mostly been excited. He has said he wants a brother and/or a sister on different occasions. He really has no preference. We just keep telling him that mommy has a baby in her tummy, so that he starts to get used to the idea.
Our first baby gift. Thank you Grandma & Gramps!
~Lots of love, Baby Roth