Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enchanted Forest

For our family "weekend" (Sunday night and all day Monday), we thought it would be fun to take Jaycoby to Enchanted Forest. We weren't sure if Jaycoby would like it or not, because we both have memories of certain things being scary, but we thought we would give it a try. Honestly, it was a weird experience. Understandably, J was scared by the nursery rhyme section. Those houses were dark, with scary statues and creepy voices coming out of them. Jaycoby covered his eyes, plugged his ears and cried frequently. But he was always ready to move on to the next thing. He never wanted to leave and would occasionally tell us how much fun he was having. We even talked him into going on the big log ride. This is the first "big" ride that he's ever gone on. He was happy to float in the log, but he kept saying "but I don't want to do the big drop, Mom". Ummm, it was a little too late for that, so we just kept changing the subject. Turns out, he loved the ride and did a great job the whole time....even on the big drop. Enchanted Forest isn't somewhere we will visit often, but overall, it was a big hit.

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