Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend- Camping at Pamelia Lake

We went on a packing adventure with our friends, Dylan and Jenni Corbett. Mike packed 45 lbs. and I packed 23 lbs. up to our camping site. The trail wasn't quite the same as it was last year, because there was a couple feet of snow for the last 1/2 mile of our trek. It was COLD!!! We were surprised to find that all of the camping sites around the lake were clear of snow, so we wouldn't have to turn around and go back (there's no way I would've slept on snow). Instead, we were just surrounded by it. I wasn't sure I was going to make it the whole time because of the temperature. It was fine, when we were in the sunshine, but it was far too chilly in the shade. And since we only packed a minimal amount of warm clothes, I was afraid they weren't going to cut it. Dylan and Mike worked for two COLD hours to get a fire going on Saturday. All of the wood was still really wet from all of the snow. But, in the end, they were successful. Meanwhile, Jenni and I were running laps around the camp site to keep warm.
On Sunday, we were all lazy. Somehow D&J slept great both nights, but we were not so lucky. The first night I didn't get to sleep until after 4:30, struggling with a plugged nose, full bladder and rock hard sleeping surfaces. Mike had the same problems the second night. Oh...and did I forget to mention that we were FREEZING!!! So, back to our lazy Sunday....we'd had good intentions of a day-hike, but were discouraged by the snowy trails and opted for naps instead :).
Monday, we packed up early and headed back through the snowy trails to our car. We were all eager for a stop in Detroit for a big breakfast (we had been discussing breakfast the day before while enjoying our instant spaghetti camping meals and thought that eggs, toast & hashbrowns would really hit the spot).
All in all, it was a great time with good friends. We think we may have gone a little too early, but it got us excited to plan our summer of camping trips. I will definitely be packing warmer clothes. It's worth carrying the weight to be more comfortable and warm!

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