Thursday, March 26, 2009

Freezing Bubbles

On Tuesday, Jaycoby got to spend some time with Grammie, while I was sick on the couch all day. His trip out with Grammie included a trip to Walgreen's, where he got the COOLEST new Spiderman bubbles container :). It's hard for me to embrace any activity that makes a big mess, BUT I finally caved this morning. Here are some pictures of our time out on the deck.
He started out pretty timid and there was a lot of "BAILEY, DOWN!" going on.
Watching Bailey's every move...

Here he is, standing at a safe distance from Bailey.

He finally moved to the picnic table for extra comfort, before he eventually warmed up to Bailey. Notice the evil look he was giving Bailey :).

Jaycoby wanted to blow bubble on Bailey's nose.

Some day Jaycoby and Bailey will be friends :).

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