Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For the first time, since we've been married, Jaycoby was given to us for a weekend that wasn't by special request (normally it's only been if we were wanting to take him out of town for something special). This was such a treat to have him over the weekend (something a lot of parents take for granted). We decided to do something special, that we wouldn't have otherwise had time for this year......sledding! Jaycoby had so much fun sledding at my parents when we had snow, so we thought we would take him to the big hills. We drove to Hoodoo and paid the whopping tubing fee for a luxury tubing experience. Thankfully, Jaycoby slept for an hour of the drive on the way there, so he was well-rested and ready to rock when we got there. He lasted the whole two hours of sledding and would've been happy to go longer, if we had let him. At the hill, they have a fancy tug line that pulls you up the hill in your tube. This made tubing pretty effortless for all of us. We each had our own tube and did several varieties of groups going down the hill....Mike by himself & Jaycoby w/ mom, Mom by herself & Jaycoby w/ Mike and then all three of us went down solo. Jaycoby LOVED going down the hill by himself. There was even a flagger at the bottom that would scoot him out of the way. He will tell you that "the guy helped me". We all had a great time spending the day together.
All bundled up
There's always time for snow angels
The boys getting tugged up the hill
Jaycoby posing with Mike & Mom in his tube
All of us, in the cafe, when we stopped for hot cocoa
Here is a video of Jaycoby sledding "all by himself".

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