Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lake Marion or Bust!.....They're busted.

Plan #1: Go hiking/snow-shoeing to Lake Marion and camp overnight (brrrrr!).
Plan #2: Go hiking/snow-shoeing to Lake Marion and then come back (when Mike left, he told me he was 90% sure that they wouldn't be camping overnight).
Plan #3: I received a text at 2:45 p.m. saying "We're headed back. Stopping in Mill City for pizza."
Lol. Isn't it funny when the weather dictates our plans. Apparently, the guys (Mike and his friends, Matt and Cabe Holt) got there and there was TONS of snow. They had to park on the highway and snowshoe in to the trailhead (2.5 miles) to discover that this was not something that was going to happen. SO, they headed back to the truck and to MC for pizza :). They had an adventurous plan, but it just didn't work out.

Mike was packing up his gear and had to try it on, of course.

Matt, Mike & Cabe recovering from their trip.

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Alyssa and Ron said...

At Giovanni's right? They have the best pizza ever. Want great news????? The original Giovanni's owners recently opened a pizza place in Sublimity. No more trips to MC for pizza, breadsticks, etc... Was just going to blog about my exciting finding! You'll have to check it out