Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July

We went to Independence for the fourth of July. It was totally ghetto, but we still had fun. It was so fun watching Jaycoby run around and act so excited about all of the games, rides and food. We all shared the BEST elelphant ear we have ever tasted. It was the highlight of the night (for me). After we blasted through the booths, we stopped at the live music so Jaycoby could do some dancing. He found a hoola hoop and was having so much fun twirling it around, "jumping rope" with it and showing off his killer moves. It was pretty hilarious. That boy has no shame and I love it! Unfortunately, he wanted me to dance with him and I am not as carefree as he is. I tried to be. I really did. But it is hard when there are hundreds of people watching you. Anyway, then we found our way up to our seats and watched the fireworks. They put on a really great show! It lasts 30-45 minutes and they do a really good job. Ella even stayed awake and was clapping. It was a great night.

Playing at the park while we wait for the fireworks to begin.

I loved how Ella was the only clear part of the picture (and I took that on my phone...crazy).

Jaycoby was scared at first, but eventually got up in the ambulance and was able to ask the paramedic some questions. Well, one question: "If I call 911, will an ambulance take me to Portland so I can watch the Timbers?".

You have to go on at least one creepy, fair ride, right?

He loves the games!

Dancing with his hula hoop.

We also did some fireworks at home. That's my boy! He is still concerned about the volume of the fireworks and has to have his ears plugged. And thanks to Uncle Steve's firework stand, he now knows what volume level he is comfortable with. He would pick up the fireworks and say "this is a level four, so it is probably too noisy for me...I like a level two".

He loved the smoke bombs this year. Pretty to watch and they don't make any noise.

Best seat in the house.

This was taken at Uncle Steve's firework stand. Jaycoby wanted Mike to buy this package for him. Yah right!

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Meg said...

Reading this makes me feel so lame for doing zero fourth of July celebrating! Diego was totally in bed asleep by 7:30. LOL Glad you guys had some fun though!!