Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ella- 13 months old

*She is officially a one-nap a day kid. In the past 4-5 months, she has gone with the flow and has been woken up from her naps over and over again. Because of this, there have been many times that she only took one nap. She can blame her older brother for that. It was always because of a schedule-conflict and not for lack of being tired. She just got one nap because that is all we had time for. But now, she is doing it all on her own and manages to stay awake (most of the time) even if we are driving in the car. But her car seat is still a favorite place to fall asleep.
*She has been doing really well with her physical therapy and is making progress every day. She still has low muscle tone, but she is getting stronger and we can tell she is ready to be moving. There are just a couple of steps she still has to master.
*She went from the crawling position to the seated position all on her own this month. That was a BIG deal!
*She still only has her two bottom teeth, but she is getting better with solids and is making do with what she has. She uses those little teethers as best she can. She loves yogurt with fruit chunks, chicken, cooked carrots, rice biscuits, etc.
*She definitely has a sweet tooth. She is happy to eat any sweet treat that is offered to her (and her daddy offers them to her any chance he gets).
*She loves to clap and is slowly learning the "How big is Ella?" game. She usually just claps for herself instead of raising her arms when we say "soooo big".

She likes to sit on the fire truck and is learning to push the buttons for the music. She would much rather sit and dance to the music than move the truck around.


Logan crawled into Ella's lap and then they started swapping pacifiers.

I took this when she was watching Logan crawl around. She kept clapping for him.

She wanted to keep up with Logan so bad, but she isn't quite ready. I put her in the crawling position so she could practice though. She can hold this position for a couple of minutes now and she will rock back and forth on her knees.

Potty training, already? I don't think so. My mom took this picture when we were shopping at Target.

Lunch time with Grammie is always so much fun.

Future crime fighter.

Unfolding the laundry. Little trouble-maker.


Meg said...

Low muscle tone? Really? I'm not kidding, the girls arms look buff! She's such a joy to be around. I'm so glad she is progressing so well with physical therapy. She got Logan back yesterday when she was trying to crawl, she rolled over right into his lap, neither of them were too sure about it until Diego and I laughed too!

Alyssa said...

Always love your posts and updates. ANd yes, each and every milestone is a big deal even if it's going to a sitting position. WOOHOO ELLA!!!! Thats great. (I;m still waiting to hear a "i love yoo" w/o prompting or repeating. :)

Jcmommy2 said...

Hi Mindy. Ella is so adorable. I remember you saying that Ellas PT was with Willamette ESD. I can attest to how great they are. Caleb started with them when he was a baby. I loved that they came to our house. He recieved so much help from them. Also have they told you about the baby therapy playgroups they have or I dont know if they still do. We have met a few families through there that we are still the best of friends with now 8 years later. We also have been going to Easter Seals since Caleb was a baby too and they have helped him so much. I truly believe Caleb is walking from all the therapy he has gotten. We were told he would never walk. Doctors dont know everything. He is definetly a product of therapy. Also did you know that Salem Rehab does their therapy with a warm therapy pool we also did that when Caleb was a baby. It all helps. Willamette ESD used to have a crawling thing piece of equipment that helped to teach crawling that we got to borrow. I dont know if they still have them. One of the ways we helped Caleb to crawl was rolled up a receiving blanket under his arms and put him in the crawling position and kneel behind him and having someone in front of him helping to move his arms as we supported him and hlped move his legs. Dont worry she will in her own time. Our family definetly has celebrated all little milestones. I added a ton of little things to his baby book that werent there already and I love looking back on it now because that part of his baby book has so many more fun things to remember than just the few lines of the "normal" stuff his brothers book has. I remember when Caleb started moving to a sitting position to a crawling position.
And again try not to worry all babies develop in their own time and your beautiful Ella will too. I am so thankful you are a part of MOMS club. The support and love from the MOMS club are the reason I have stayed in for almost a decade. If you want to know any little tricks for helping babies physically move their bodies let me know. We have probably done them all and they worked. You have a beautiful and amazing little girl. She is a miracle.
Jenny Carpenter