Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crawling 101

It's no secret that Ella is a little behind in the motor skills department. I'm not going to lie though- I. Love. It. We have had nearly a full year of a child that just stays put. It is totally AWESOME!
We have been practicing getting Ella used to the idea of being mobile little by little. She has been really stiff and wouldn't even let us put her in the crawling position at all. Lately, she has made some progress in her seated position and is actually turning and reaching more. It looks like there might be some movement in the future, so I want her to be prepared.
Below are the pictures of our crawling lesson today. I was shocked that I was able to get her to stay up in this position. She didn't cry right away (a small victory), but she was grunting and obviously displeased. She held the position for close to three minutes, but she was upset with me by the end.

"Ah. Help!"


Yes, that is drool hanging from her mouth.

"That's better, mommy."

One of our favorite expressions.

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Meg said...

I LOVE all her expressions! I can't say I blame you, I would have loved to have Diego immobile for his entire first year! He didn't walk until almost 14 months and now that I look back, I'm thankful for that!!! I see a baby gate at the bottom of my stairs for roth family visits in the future! ;)