Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ella's first bike ride

Since we finally had a break in the weather, we decided it was time for our first family bike ride for the year. I was excited, and nervous, to try out our new bike seat we bought for Ella. Let me just say, it is terrifying riding a bike with your baby strapped to the back of you. I have never felt so unsteady on my bike. At least I was able to sweat off some calories, because I was so nervous.
Anyway, Ella loved the bike ride. She hummed the whole trip. I kept stopping to try and fix her helmet that was sliding down over her face, but it didn't seem to phase her one bit. She would cry when I would stop, not when the helmet slid down. So I did my best to ignore the helmet situation (that was difficult for me) and just keep riding.

Getting strapped in was a little awkward. She was unsure about it at first.

Then she was excited and ready to go!

And then she was ticked that we made her wear a dorky hat :)

Ready, set, ride!


Jenni K. said...

She must have loved the ride... I would love to hear her humming.

Meg said...

Um, yeah I think I would be too freaked I would fall to do that with Diego, plus I have a paranoid husband, so that would never work. LOL. I love the picture of her making her cute little face!