Friday, April 29, 2011

Silly String Easter

The Easter Bunny brought Jaycoby and Ella some silly string in their Easter baskets. Jaycoby got yellow and Ella got pink- their favorite colors (Jaycoby says this is Ella's favorite color). Mike stood in for Ella so that "she wouldn't get sprayed in her eyes or her mouf". The boys stripped down to their skivvies and duked it out on the back deck. Nothing like a silly string fight, outdoors, in your underwear. It was male-bonding at its finest.
Jaycoby was laughing hysterically the whole time. He would walk up to Mike and say "I want to give you a friendly's just a friendly handshake" and then he would stick out his can and spray Mike's hand. He thought it was really clever and that he was tricking Mike every time.

You can't even tell that he was having a good time...

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Meghan said...

Mike didn't want pics of him in his undies on the blog? Weird. Looks like a lot of fun!!!