Friday, March 25, 2011

Hair cut @ Bishop's

I have been cutting Jaycoby's hair since he was 4-months old and it is not my favorite thing to do....but it is FREE! I did take him to my hairdresser one time, just for fun, but ultimately couldn't bring myself to spend $15 every 3-4 weeks when I am (sort of) capable of cutting it myself.
This past week, his hair was starting to cover his ears, so I knew the time had come. I told him that maybe he and dad should go and get their hair cut (I may have told him three or four times to "tell dad you need a hair cut"). VOILA...he came home with a hair cut. It is the best hair cut he has ever had. Jonny and I both like Jaycoby's hair the same way- longer on the top and short in the back. Whoever did the cutting did an awesome job and they are now hired and his hairdresser. His hair looks perfect!

Dad even took pictures!!!

Jaycoby kept sticking out his tongue to try and catch the hairs. Gross!

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