Friday, January 7, 2011

Share Day Pictures- From the teacher

I got Jaycoby's teacher to email the pictures that were taken during his Share Time. I wasn't able to get any, since I was having to hold Ella.

I love Ella's expression in this picture. This is Jaycoby's best buddy, Cade, checking out his baby sister.

Showing the class how he holds his sister (I had to help a little, because she was extra slippery in that dress) and sharing her ultrasound picture.

Telling his class about Ella.

In true Jaycoby form, he made sure to crack a couple of jokes. I'm sure this was during one of them.


Meghan said...

That top picture is so cute!

Rachel said...

Love that he's so proud of his baby sister! And the fact that all the kids thought she was great makes it even better! I absolutely love how you dressed her up!!! Baby girls are so much fun to dress up!!!