Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jaycoby's Preschool Share Day

At Titan Tots, each preschooler is assigned a date at the beginning of the school year when they get to bring an item to share with the class. Jaycoby talks about this day a lot and has picked lots of different toys and gadgets around the house over the last two months. On Tuesday morning, before school, he asked me if he could take Ella. Can we say proud mommy moment? I told him he had to ask his teacher, but assumed it would be okay since I'd heard of students bringing puppies in the past. Babies are way cuter than puppies, so we should be okay. Right? We got the okay from the teacher and made plans to attend his class this morning.
Jaycoby was so excited to show off Ella. He picked her outfit (which was the fluffiest dress she had in the closet), memorized her birthday and even took the ultrasound pictures so he could share how much she has grown. He did really great during his share time. At first he was silly and had to show off a little bit. He was bouncing around, talking in a weird, robot voice (this has become a normal thing for him) and threw himself on to the floor. It took a serious amount of restraint in that moment to not switch into MMM ("Mean Mommy Mode"). I couldn't react like I normally would and tell him to "act normal and get off the floor". That would embarass him in front of the entire class. Instead, I had to act like it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Wrong. He pulled it together though and was able to answer all of the questions that his teacher was asking him. She asked what he likes to do with his baby sister. He responded, "I like to give her kisses, play with her tiny toes and make her smile" (all of this was said in his high-pitched voice, that is reserved only for his baby sister, while holding her hand). Right then, Ella wiggled and smiled at Jaycoby. The whole room let out a big "oooohhh" and "aaaaahhhh". Jaycoby was in heaven!

I wasn't able to get pictures of the actual share time, since I was holding Ella. But here are the pictures that I got one of the high school students to take. After sharing, the preschoolers got to walk by and "look but not touch" the babies (another student brought her baby brother). Jaycoby was glowing and kept telling the kids "her name is Ella and she is 6.5 months". Can you tell that he is proud of his baby sister?

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Meghan said...

Awe what a proud big bro. Ella looks totally adorable in that dress!