Friday, January 14, 2011

Jaycoby is 5!

Jaycoby turned 5 yesterday and we filled our week with lots of parties to celebrate it.

SUNDAY: Went to Red Robin to celebrate Jaycoby and Uncle Steve's birthdays.

The birthday boys. Jaycoby idolizes his uncle and was so excited to have a joint birthday party with him.

Brandon (8) & Jaycoby (5)

Sydnie (5) & Jaycoby (5)

This picture was too cute, so I had to include it as well. Ella & Grandpa were excited to celebrate too.

Everyone knows that our little boy is a little obsessed with Wii. Instead of making one of the many Wii characters that he loves, I went the simpler route and just made the Wii remote. Jaycoby was so excited about his cake and kept telling me "Oh thank you mom, it is perfect. You are the best." So I think it turned out okay.

Make a wish.
MONDAY: We went to Great Grandma & Grandpa Roth's house for dinner (we forgot to take pictures).
TUESDAY: We went to Paddington's with Grandma & Gramps.

Jaycoby was excited about all of his gifts. Here he was opening a gift card to "Barry Queen".

"Oh, awesome!"

The birthday crew.

Jaycoby thought it was funny to pretend to blow out the candles. We couldn't get the matches to work.

THURSDAY: We had Jaycoby's friends party at NW Kids Club.


Shannon said...

Wait a minute! Steven is older than me...and I turned 33 last summer! So...didn't he turn 34?!?

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday J! We had so much fun celebrating with you! And, I must not watch my child very closely at Kids club, I had no idea he went into the music room. LOL.