Friday, January 14, 2011

Ella is 7 months old

*She will spend 10-15 minutes playing, and jumping, in her bouncy bounce (Jumperoo).
*She consistently cries at two specific times: 1) when I am getting her dressed- she does not like me putting her shirt over her head AT ALL and 2) when she finishes her bottle- she will cry really hard, but is easily distracted if we give her the pacifier.
*She still loves staring at her nails. She does this A LOT.
*She is sleeping from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.
*She loves her family the best (and mommy and daddy loves this!). She gives mommy, daddy and Jaycoby her best smiles. Everyone else she likes to study. She will just stare at people for the longest time without any expression. It is pretty funny.
*She has eaten more baby foods: sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, banana and peaches (her favorite). Honestly, I have been kind of lazy in giving her food because she isn’t that great at swallowing it. I just keep testing it out every day or two to see if she is closer to being ready.
This past month she did get to the point where she needed more substance to hold her over, so we increased her bottles from 4-ounce to 6-ounce.
*She was in the spotlight for big brothers “Show-and-Tell” day this past month at preschool. He picked out her outfit (a frilly, white dress) and proudly showed off his baby sister.
*She went to the snow for the first time when our family went tubing at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl.
*She went underwater at the swimming pool for the first time. She did great and really does love the water. I look forward to doing parent-tot lessons with her after her first birthday some time. *She is a singer. When the music comes on in the car, she will holler along to it until the whole song is over. It is heartwarming and hilarious all at the same time.
*She loves to blow spit bubbles. Jaycoby thinks this is hilarious and says that she is making tooting noises with her mouth. It actually does sound a lot like that.

Cuddling with daddy in big brothers bed.

Ella's first time riding in the shopping cart. She was squealing and kicking her legs.
I had several Costco customers comment on how happy she was.

Having some baby food at Grammies.

Practicing sitting up.

Grandpa is a bad influence. He will not be asked to babysit anymore. (Go BEAVS!)

Super Mario Ella?

So happy to be in her high chair.

This baby girl loves her daddy.

Taking a break from daddy to stare at her nails, of course.

Playing at NW Kids Club.


Meghan said...

Wait, what? She ALWAYS smiles at me!!!! You guys can't take all the credit for the smiles. LOL. She's such a joy! and 7 months already? You better get serious about that birthday party planning. :)

Meghan said...

I really can't believe she is 7 months. Weren't we just at your baby shower? She's such a doll and I love being around her!! Diego loves to watch videos of her that you post and that you send us!