Monday, December 27, 2010

Jaycoby's first time skiing

Let me tell you a little bit about our sweet son. He is smart, great at sharing, silly, a technical wizard, sweet and sensitive. Never once have I ever described him as adventurous. The word timid comes to mind though. For example, bike riding has not been an activity that Jaycoby has spent much time doing. He usually says things like "I want to go slow" or "the bike goes too fast for me". Keep all of this in mind when you think of our son going SKIING, because that is the gift he received from his dad for Christmas.
Jonny and I laughed as we discussed how we thought it would go. Would Jaycoby refuse (he had told us that he never wanted to go skiing when were trying to get him mentally prepared for having to go)? Would he cry? Would he be too scared to even try it?
Jonny told me that the plan was to put Jaycoby in an all-day class. Even though I wanted Jaycoby to have the greatest time ever, and I hoped he would fall madly in love with skiing, all I could say was "oh dear" and "good luck". Saying we were skeptical about how it would go down would be an understatement. We were all pretty sure Jaycoby was going to be miserable. But he "LOVED" it! I am so excited. Now this will be a special activity that he can share with his dad (mommy does not do snow sports).

He got the helmet and snow pants for part of his Christmas gift.

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Lilith's mommy said...

I'm glad he had fun. Lilith hasn't touched her bike since before we moved down here in May. She fell and scraped up her knee the last time she tried. She says she doesn't like her bike because it hurt her. Hopefully, this Spring or Summer we get her on it more. My mom got her a "My First Scooter" for Christmas and she seems to really like that.