Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bowling w/ Diego

In an effort to fully take advantage of our Christmas break, we planned a trip to the bowling alley with some friends. Jaycoby loves bowling and it isn't something we do very often, so he was really excited to go.

This was Diego's first time bowling and he took to it like a pro. He didn't even need help from mama and did a great job.

He would carry his 6 pound ball up to the ramp and roll it down all by himself. This time he was struggling, so we thought he was getting tired. Then Meghan noticed he accidentally grabbed an 11 pound ball instead. Oops!

He always puts his hands in funny positions when he is really concentrating. I'm sure the funny hands were coupled with his tongue sticking out too.

I got a spare! "Awesome!"

Jaycoby was so excited he broke 100 and won. For the record: we had the bumpers up and let the boys bowl for us :-).

After bowling, we grabbed some McD's and then headed home. Both Jaycoby and Diego went right down for naps and fell asleep fast. This was an early nap for Jaycoby, so I was really surprised. All that heavy lifting must've worn them out.


Rachel said...

How funny, we just took Reed bowling for the first time last week. It's amazing how much fun they have rolling the ball down the lane!

Meghan said...

I have full intentions of doing a post about this too. Diego still talks about it every day. We had such a great time and can't wait to go again!! Diego is also still talking about riding in your van, and says he only got a little sad. I just keep telling him he did GREAT! Thanks for a fun morning!!

Lilith's mommy said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. We've been talking aobut taking Lilith, just haven't, yet.