Friday, November 5, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Night #1
On Halloween night, we went up to Portland and took the kids trick or treating in Jaycoby's new Portland neighborhood (his dad moved up there a few weeks ago).

The Roth fam-a-lam

There were two houses that got Jaycoby pretty scared. This was him at the first...

...and this was him after the second house.

Jaycoby was totally into the candy and Mike was totally into having his picture taken.

Trick or treat!

Since we were in Portland, we stopped by the Liebert's, so the kids could check out each others costumes.
Night #2
We have made it a tradition to go trick or treating at the grandparents houses. Mike and I usually wear costumes as well.

Bunnie Reed (that's right, Mike dressed up as his mother-in-law), hippy Grandpa, Kitty Cat, Super Woman and Bumblebee Transformer.
Mike and Dick. I thought it was crazy how much they look alike when Dick has his hair colored. Normally his brows and goatee are silver/white.

"Bunnie" with Bunnie. When we got to the door, she didn't even notice that Mike was dressed as her, because she was so distracted by the Gallon-size Diet Pepsi he was holding. She was thinking "I've got to get myself one of those". Thankfully, my mom has a great sense of humor and thought it was hilarious that Mike dressed up as her.

She was exhausted (she was snoring really loud when I took this picture). Poor kitty.


Rachel said...

Your mom is adorable! And our families were twins this Halloween! Didn't you just love the cape? I kept running with Sawyer just so I could make it fly out! :)

Meghan said...

Poor J. :( I can totally see D doing the same thing at a scary house. Speaking of that, we went to La Hacienda with Eddie's family a few nights ago and he was scared of the "picture" again, but got over it quickly this time because everyone told him it was a pretty sun! Love your costumes!!