Thursday, October 28, 2010

AWANA Harvest Party

Looking tough and ready to go.

Trying to guess how many candies were in the jar. Mike and Jaycoby picked 219 and there were 192. Pretty close.

Showing the ladies his pumpkin and getting really excited to play some games.

Group shot.

He said he was the "#1 Beaver Football Player".

Our little cheerleader.

Ella stayed awake for a while, but she couldn't resist Grammie's fuzzy bunny shirt. She fell asleep immediately when she held her.

Hanging out with Uncle Steve.

Emilie (who was Miriam, I think), Jaycoby (#1 Beaver Football Player) and Brandon (Titans football player).

Princess Sydnie and Jaycoby

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Meghan said...

I didn't know you all dressed up! So cute! Way to get all into it!! Bet J loved that.