Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jaycoby's first "date"

Last night was BARF night (Bring A Real Friend) at AWANAS. When Mike and I were asking him which friend he might like to bring, there was a long list of "no's" from Jaycoby, before Mike finally thought to suggest Nora Beth. Jaycoby immediately shouted "yes, yes, yes...I want to invite Nora Beth". For the past couple of weeks, both of the kids have been so excited, and counting down the days, until their special "date" together. They don't see each other often, but when they do they have so much fun and play really well together. The funny thing is that they were in the same preschool class last year, but didn't get to know each other through MOMS Club until the end of the school year. Had we known they would've been such fast friends, we could have got them better acquainted earlier in the school year and that could have made preschool so much cooler. Oh well.
So here is how last night went. It was adorable and hilarious, to say the least.

5:00 p.m.- We picked up Nora Beth at her house. Jaycoby was SO excited that we moved both car seats to the back of the van, because he has been begging to ride in the back row seats since we first bought the van. This was the first time he was allowed. All day long, I was actually annoyed with it, because I couldn't hear a word he said. He was too far away from me. But once both kids were in the back, I could hear them both LOUD and CLEAR :).
There were a couple of casual hellos between the kids and then the conversation quickly turned to knock-knock jokes. You parents know what I am talking about. I'm talking about the dreaded knock-knock jokes that don't make any sense and are sometimes impossible to laugh at because they are SO dumb. That's right! I said DUMB. We can usually give the kid a few sympathy laughs, but then it's just embarrassing. So here comes the first knock-knock joke. In my head, I'm thinking "Oh no, not the jokes, Jaycoby. I hope you don't bomb. Nora Beth is almost six. She won't think this is funny. Poor kid is going to feel so silly". He delivered the punchline and then......roaring laughter from Nora Beth. The joke didn't make sense to me, but apparently she got it. Then I listened to about twenty more weird, pointless jokes between both of them, before turning the radio on to drown them out. They were having a blast in their little joke world. It was hilarious.
Then the topic of Nora Beth's birthday came up. Jaycoby quickly invited himself to the party he assumed she was having. Her response was pricesless: "Well, I'm having a princess party actually. You could maybe be a princess or something. But you can wear what you want if you want". Jaycoby responds: "Great. I will wear black spiderman". Poor kid won't be seeing that princess party invitation in the mail. Lol Thankfully he's four and won't have a clue that he's missing out.

5:15 p.m.- We went to Straight from New York pizza. It was one of the only pizza places we could think of that didn't have toys and games for the kids. Jaycoby said he wanted to take NB to pizza, but we didn't have time for Pietro's or Chuck E. Cheese. We were okay with pizza, but needed it to be somewhere we could exit quickly.

6:15- AWANAS

Jaycoby introducing NB to his teacher, Mrs. Camillo.

J grabbing NB's hand to walk her to the line where they are supposed to stand.

8:45 p.m.- Dropping off Nora Beth.

This picture is blurry, but it was so cute watching him walk her up to the door. They insisted on going "by themselves".

I almost died laughing, because Jaycoby gave me the thumbs up when he came back to the car. He said "that was so much fun with my friend Nora Beth, mom".

It was definitely a night to remember!

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Rachel said...

Oh my gosh this is fabulous! A first date! And I hear ya on the dumb jokes...let me just warn you that it keeps happening BUT he will actually memorize the ones that make you laugh!