Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy's Girl

When Ella is crying in her crib at night, who do you think is the first one to jump off the couch to go and check on her? Oh ya, Mike is a big softy. He'll say (with a little smirk on his face) that she doesn't have him wrapped around her little finger, but I'm letting his secret out. He goes into her bedroom at night to "pet her cheeks". It's so fun watching him fall in love with his little girl.

This is where I can find Mike right after he gets home from work. You can see how excited she is to have daddy home.

It's exhausting loving your little girl so much.

I was desperately needing to get the house cleaned, so Mike offered to be on "baby duty". He wore Ella in the front pack while he cleaned the garage. What a great daddy!

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Rachel said...

There is just something about Daddy's and their little girls! He's such a good dad! You are very lucky!