Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ella- 3 months old

Ella is three months old today. Here is what we have gotten to enjoy about our little girl this past month:
*She is smiling a lot. It melts my heart when she smiles. She is so adorable!
*She is sucking on her fist and fingers a lot. Sometimes she sucks on her thumb. She will pull out her pacifier when she is in her crib and we can hear her sucking on her hand through the monitor.
*She is a mover! When she is awake, she loves to lay on the ground so she can kick. Just in the past two days, she has started scooting backwards when she kicks her feet.
*Her voice is really soft and sweet and she makes the a noise that sounds like "hi" all the time. Again, she does this mostly when she is laying on the ground.
*She eats 4-6 times a day. She only spits up every once in a while, but she likes to keep us guessing.
*She has started to sleep through the night!!! We've put her down around 9:30/10 pm and she will sleep straight through until 6:30/7:45. It’s great! But it's still not every night (having family in town and going on a mini-vacation has messed this up a little bit). She had a pretty good streak going for a while though.

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Rachel said...

She's getting so big!
And I'm a sucker for putting babies in big beds...it shows how little tiny they really are!