Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recent photos

Jenni and Ella snuggling on the couch. Dylan and Jenni have been making regular visits to get their baby fix. It's always so much fun when you can give the baby back to mom and dad :-).

Jaycoby loves playing with Dylan. We are so lucky to have friends that enjoy our kids as much as we do!

Ella has decided to do random sessions of projectile vomiting (like her brother used to do every time he ate). Since she likes to surprise us, we haven't been prepared and usually end up having to change her clothes. In this case, I decided another bath was necessary. She was so content in her crib, waiting for mommy to get her bath ready.

Bath #2 for the day. Big belly and little arms and legs.

Ella got to meet Great Grandma & Grandpa.

She was looking too cute, in her patriotic outfit, so we had to get a picture with mommy.

She took a good nap while we were visiting.

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