Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red Robin isn't scary anymore

Yesterday, while we were driving around town, I told Jaycoby that we would be going to Red Robin for Aunt Mary's birthday dinner. In that moment, he decided that he was no longer scared of the big, red bird that sometimes walks around the restaurant. He said that he would show Ella that Red Robin, Chuck E. Cheese and Crater weren't scary and that he would give them high fives when he saw them next. I told him that he probably wouldn't have the opportunity to do so, because Red Robin is rarely at the restaurant.
We'd probably been at the restaurant less than ten minutes when RR came walking in. Jaycoby turned to me and said, "Mom, I was right. Red Robin is here. I was right". So here was the moment of truth: was he all talk or would he give RR a high five. He was totally into the bird! He and Zach gave him several high fives and were even dancing with him by the time we were getting ready to leave. RR was in the restaurant the whole time we were there and provided plenty of entertainment for the boys. It was great!

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