Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More July Pictures

Snuggles with Daddy. She always looks so tiny when Mike holds her.

Picking cherries at Grandma and Gramps house.

We set up our pool and Jaycoby couldn't wait to get in. In fact, getting his swim trunks on was just too much trouble, so he just went in naked. At least our pool is in the backyard this year.

We went to a wedding at Deepwood Estates for my friend, Sarah (Voorhis) Ayres. I used to coach Sarah at Cascade and then I got to coach with her during my last season. I had to take a quick picture to remember the first wedding that Ella went to.

Sleeping at the reception.

Playing at Grammie and Grandpas house. Last year, he would barely sit on this swing without getting freaked out. Now he was swinging really high. He would say, "I want to go twenty-nine-hundred-sixty-four-thousand high" (that means "really high").

Ella has been really warm during the night, so I have her sleep in her diaper a lot of the time (and, yes, we have a/c).

Meeting cousin Alyse for the first time.

Jaycoby thought it was hilarious when I offered him Ella's pacifier. He was cracking up! It wasn't too long ago that I was holding him like this and he was sucking on his "pa" :-(.

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