Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eventful Day

Jaycoby had a LONG Wednesday.
It started out with a trip to the doctor to get his 4-year old immunizations taken care of. He repeatedly asked us if he had to get shots, but we kept telling him we had to wait and see what the doctor said (fully knowing that this was the purpose for our visit). A couple of times we hinted that he might have to get some shots today and that would automatically bring on tears. We ended up being pretty successful with distracting him while we waited...and waited...and waited for the doctor. Finally, it was time. The process almost brought me to tears. Mike held both of his hands while I laid over his tummy (so he could not see the needles going into his thighs- she said his arms were too skinny). He screamed as loud as he possibly could, with each poke, and managed to squeak out a "No, doctor!" as well. It was torture for all of us. Thankfully the shots were done quickly and we could get out of there.

This was when he found out he would be getting shots. After the tears had stopped, he was not happy and refused to be silly for a photo.

After his appointment, he was in a bit of a mood. He didn't want to eat. He didn't want to drink. He didn't want to see Grammie. This was all out of the ordinary. But after some time, he finally came around. We got him to eat some lunch and he was happy to ride with Grammie to her house to play for a little bit.

Playing with the army men at Grammie's house.

Then, after Grammie's house, we headed out to Grandma's. When we'd first left the doctors appointment, all Jaycoby wanted to do was to go and see Grandma. He'd also been asking to check out Gramps new "tractor" recently, so we thought it would be fun to head out to the farm.

Jaycoby started to cry when they got too high in the lift, but he liked watching Mike go up in the lift by himself.

While we were there, we went for a couple of walks around the property, played some golf and badminton, had some pizza in Silverton and helped Grandma plant her veggie garden.

Hangin' out at G & G's.

Since our day ended up being so action-packed, it didn't allow for a nap. Jaycoby fell asleep in the car on the way home.

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Rachel said...

Shots are never fun! I missed Sawyer's 4 year old shots and she had to get them at the same time she got her 5 year old ones...that was 7 shots at the same time. She's not scared of the needle, so she just laid there, but she couldn't walk the next day!!!